<3 Meaning with Synonyms, Antonyms, and Example Sentences


In the realm of digital communication, the symbol “<3” holds significant weight, transcending its simple appearance. Let’s delve into its meaning, explore its nuances, and unravel its impact on modern language.

<3 Meaning:

The “<3” symbol, colloquially known as the “heart emoji,” symbolizes love, affection, and care. It represents the universal language of emotions, transcending barriers of culture, language, and distance.


  1. Love symbol
  2. Heart emoticon
  3. Affection sign
  4. Care icon
  5. Heart emoji
  6. Symbol of adoration
  7. Feeling of fondness
  8. Expression of warmth
  9. Sentiment of endearment
  10. Token of devotion


  1. Dislike
  2. Aversion
  3. Indifference
  4. Coldness
  5. Hostility
  6. Antipathy
  7. Detachment
  8. Unconcern
  9. Animosity
  10. Resentment

Example Sentences:

  1. She sent him a message with a “<3” at the end to express her love.
  2. Seeing the “<3” in his text made her heart flutter with happiness.
  3. He knew she cared when she replied with a simple “<3” to his message.
  4. Their relationship blossomed through the exchange of “<3” symbols in their texts.
  5. The “<3” symbol served as a reminder of the deep connection they shared despite the distance.
  6. Expressing affection with a “<3” has become a common practice in modern digital communication.
  7. She couldn’t help but smile when she received a surprise “<3” from her partner.
  8. In times of distress, a simple “<3” from a friend can provide comfort and solace.
  9. Their friendship was strengthened by the mutual exchange of “<3” symbols and heartfelt messages.
  10. The “<3” symbol carries profound meaning, encapsulating love, warmth, and sincerity in a single character.


In essence, the “<3” symbol transcends its digital origins, embodying the timeless essence of human connection and affection. Its simplicity belies its significance, serving as a universal symbol of love and compassion in the digital age and beyond.

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