Sip Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Sentences

Sip Meaning:

A small amount of liquid taken into the mouth in a leisurely or measured manner.

Definition: Sip refers to the act of consuming a small amount of liquid in a slow or measured manner, often to savor its taste or to quench thirst.


  1. Quaff
  2. Sup
  3. Swig
  4. Imbibe
  5. Taste
  6. Nip
  7. Quench
  8. Slurp
  9. Guzzle
  10. Lap up


  1. Pour out
  2. Spit out
  3. Reject
  4. Refuse
  5. Abstain
  6. Dump
  7. Discard
  8. Expel
  9. Eject
  10. Regurgitate


  1. She took a delicate sip of her tea, savoring its warmth and flavor.
  2. He enjoyed sipping on a glass of wine while watching the sunset.
  3. The toddler learned to sip from a cup, mastering the art of controlled drinking.
  4. Sarah’s throat was parched, so she took a long, refreshing sip of water.
  5. Instead of drinking coffee quickly, I prefer to sip it slowly, enjoying each moment of the experience.
  6. After the race, the athletes gathered to sup on energy drinks to replenish their strength.
  7. He took a quick swig of water before continuing his presentation.
  8. In many cultures, it’s customary to imbibe a small amount of alcohol during celebrations.
  9. She hesitated to taste the unfamiliar beverage placed before her.
  10. With a nip of whiskey, he warmed himself on the chilly evening.

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